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CDA: for a city that flourishes

The Hague is a beautiful city. Our local economy is taking off, we offer the best elderly care and our city boasts great social, cultural and sports initiatives and events. The Hague is also in need of some significant advancements, and the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) stands for solutions that truly make a difference in people’s lives, so everyone in The Hague can flourish. The CDA aims to further develop The Hague, into a city where everyone is pleased to live, where they can find a job and where they can find a home and feel at home. A safe city with a positive atmosphere, where people look out for each other and the environment we live in. A city that flourishes.

Karsten Klein, leading candidate, alderman and deputy mayor The Hague Karsten Klein, leading candidate, alderman and deputy mayor The Hague

More jobs and work that pays

The CDA is keen on creating more jobs in The Hague, for young professionals, for instance. We want work that pays, so less people stay trapped in social welfare. CDA wants The Hague to remain an attractive location for multinationals, international organisations, trade fairs and events.

At home in The Hague

Everyone should be able to find a home in The Hague, from first-time tenants to families, singles and elderly. The CDA wants to develop 2,500 new houses and also aims for more affordable housing and social housing. People with less means should also be able to buy a house in The Hague.

A caring city, for each other

The CDA has successfully maintained proper elderly care in The Hague. All government cutbacks were reversed at municipal level and we saved thousands of healthcare jobs in our city. We will continue this approach. Informal caregivers deserve all the support they need.

A safe city

A safe The Hague is a top priority. For instance, the CDA wants to recruit more neighbourhood police officers, who have proven themselves to be effective.

Connecting people through sports and culture

The CDA has always promoted sports clubs, top-level sport and culture. We aim to further invest in sports and culture to connect people of all backgrounds in our city.

Education with perspective

Vocational education in The Hague should improve further and become more consistent with the needs of the local labour market. Vocational secondary school students should be able to land a job in their own city.


Energy conservation is very necessary. The CDA encourages homeowners to insulate their houses and to install solar panels. This translates into more commercial opportunities for local contractors. 

Proper accessibility

The CDA wants a city that is easily accessible by public transport, car and bike. We aim to further enhance our public transport system and connect The Hague directly with Rotterdam The Hague Airport. We have made sure that important European business destinations can be reached from Rotterdam–The Hague.